Special Needs boy At The Music Place, we care about the WHOLE child. In both private and small group settings, Music Therapy uses clinically-based, creative musical interactions to support your child's development towards IEP goals and objectives in the following areas:

  • COGNITIVE: building pre-academic/academic skills, increasing attention span, enhancing memory, following directions
  • SOCIAL: facilitating social interactions, peer awareness, developing concepts of turn-taking, listening to others
  • EMOTIONAL: developing appropriate expression and regulation of emotions; alleviating stress
  • SPEECH/LANGUAGE: developing speech musculature; improving specific processes of speech production (articulation, phonation, breath support); facilitating neurological development of speech; supporting the use of alternative communication aids
  • MOTOR: developing fine/gross motor skills; neurological rehabilitation of impaired functioning; developing compensation strategies to achieve the highest level of independence
  • BEHAVIORAL: practicing functional behaviors within individualized and group settings

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