Our Paths To Excellence
The Music Place offers a path to excellence that begins with fun! These paths for early childhood exploration, vocal, instrumental and special needs are each carefully designed to keep students inspired to enjoy music for a lifetime.
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Early Childhood
AGES 1-6: Small, size-limited Family Classes with parents or caregivers (for ages 0-3) and small Early Music Awareness groups (for ages 3-6) delight the youngest students as they experience song, notes, instruments and other first steps on the exciting journey of learning music.
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AGES 6 & UP: To be well-prepared for instrumental lessons, students survey 7-8 size-appropriate instruments and learn keyboard basics. Teachers help students find the most appropriate instrument on which to continue their music learning journey. Private Lessons are the final step!
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AGES 3 & UP: Determine your child's readiness! Educational Specialists play games with kids to assess aptitudes and development. They can then advise you on the best starting point or next steps for your child. Perfect for those with Special Needs, too.
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AGES 4 & UP: In "All Arts" (Vocal/Drama) classes, Vocal Ensembles and Private Lessons, singers develop skills in technique & performance. All styles and genres are offered and supported by frequent performance opportunities.
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Special Needs
BIRTH-ADULT: Board Certified Music Therapists offer private and small group therapy sessions for clients with special needs of all levels. For clients with sustained attention, adaptive music lessons focusing on learning to play specific instruments are also available.
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Since 1984, The Music Place has been a community that cares about your children and the experience they have as they learn. We strive to serve you in a way that creates a lifetime of loving music. We call it "The Journey", and we invite you and your family to get to know us through these pages and to join us in the journey. May it be life-giving for all of you!


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Our Most Popular Instruments

Wouldn't your child love to join the thousands of others who have learned these (or a dozen other instruments) in this place where FUN is FIRST?

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  • Aptitude Assessments
  • We stand alone in our service to assess the learning style, aptitudes and readiness of students for various steps on the path to happy music learning! Receive a Free, Personalized Aptitude Assessment for children ages 3-9 years old.
  • Is he ready for private instruction???
  • What instruments fit the aptitudes??
  • What approaches fit the learning style???
  • Learn more about assessments, or request one!

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For 4 decades, The Music Place has been a beacon of happy music adventures for thousands of children and their families. Great teachers, staff, curriculum and clients have helped us become the most award-winning music school in Silicon Valley. We are so grateful for all of your support!
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Start the music learning journey with us! Our dream is to inspire every child or adult to learn in a way that helps them love music for a lifetime. We welcome all ages, cultures, abilities and disabilities and work as a team to help make this a place "Where Learning is FUN and every child is special!" Why NOT choose us?