Getting Started on the Music Learning Journey!

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We believe in the uniqueness of each individual...

How Do I Get the Best Start?

Because each person, child or student is different, it can be difficult to know the best path to follow on your journey. Have no fear... we want your journey to be fun as well as productive! That means we make it easy to get started. Depending on your interest and your student's age, we'll show you some first steps to getting started on this amazing music learning journey.

The key to a successful start is making sure it's FUN! No one wants to quit while they're having fun! And the joy of a fun start can carry us through even times ahead when we might struggle.

This tiny book outlines 3 steps to get started in classes at The Music Place:

  1. TRY a group or private lesson!
  2. CHOOSE the best fit!
  3. START the learning journey!

    (We do the rest!)

How Do I Get the Best Start?

Starting the Journey

Get ready. Get set. Go! Keep reading to discover these simple steps to get started! Before you know it, you or your child will be on your way to the finish line -- a lifetime of enjoyment making music.

Get ready: TRY something first!

Step #1: Try a group or private lesson.

To get ready for the journey, we make it easy to TRY something first. Whether you are interested in exploring music, learning instruments or singing, or simply trying different teachers to find the best fit, turn the pages and click the blue buttons to learn how you can try something first and find a class you or your child will love!

TRY A FREE GROUP CLASS: Your child may try a group class FREE! Choose from two categories:

  1. EXPLORATIONAL: Children birth to 7 years may try one of 3 types of age-appropriate Early Music Awareness (EMA) classes, OR
  2. VOCAL: Singers ages 4 -14 may try a vocal group.

At the link below, find a list of classes from which to request your free class, and we will contact you to confirm it. OR, if you prefer to try a paid private lesson, turn the page to learn more!

Find a group class to try
Step #1: Try a group or private lesson.

Step #1: Get Ready

Before I start the race, I should know where I am going! I'll try a free group vocal or EMA class OR turn the page to find out how to know if I am ready for private lessons...

Get ready. Is he ready for private lessons?

Is a private lesson better?

If you are not sure if your child will enjoy private lessons, a free assessment is a great way to help you and your child make that decision. It is an amazing free service that sets The Music Place apart and is strongly advised for children under 7 who have not had previous instrumental lessons.

This is a really fun experience in which an Educational Specialist (E.S.) plays some simple musical games with children 3 & up to quantify their developmental readiness (academic, physical & social) AND to give you feedback about their aptitudes and inclinations! From this information, your E.S. will make recommendations about the best way for your child to begin the music learning journey.

It is our honor to invest in your family to help make sure the journey is as fun and engaging as possible!

Request a Free Assessment
Is a private lesson better?

Be sure I am ready for private lessons!

Once you are sure that private lessons are the best choice, turn the page to find out how to find options.

Get Ready. Try Something First!

...or try a private lesson!

If you are ready and interested in private lessons, we suggest you try a couple teachers to find the best fit. We'll send you some links to read about them to help you choose. Use the link below to let us know your student, schedule and location needs, and our team of Personal Schedulers will reply with the best options we can find for you.


We send you a special price to try 1 or 2 private lessons, and once you make your choice(s), our team follows up with an Online Purchase Request.

  • Once paid, the teacher contacts you to confirm, and you're all set.

    Get started by submitting the form at the link below to request your options!

    Request Private Lesson Options
  • ...or try a private lesson!

    Get Ready: Try a Private Lesson!

    If one teacher or time doesn't work, I can try more options until I find the best fit. I may even decide to try a few different instruments!

    Get set! Tell us your choice.

    Step #2: Choose the best fit.

    After trying a class or lesson, we follow up to help you decide how to move forward. If you need to try something different, we are glad to help. Once you have chosen your class, teacher and schedule, our team will confirm your intended start date and send you the financial and policy details. The journey is about to begin!

    Details include a Purchase Request to cover any prorated tuition due, a Policy Agreement and a small Registration Fee. Unlike most schools that charge a yearly registration fee, ours is a LIFETIME FEE! In some cases, we also collect a two-week deposit of tuition so that you may withdraw with only two weeks notice. Payments may be made by check, debit, Visa or Master card and even your policy form may be submitted online. It's so easy!

    Learn More about teachers
    Step #2: Choose the best fit.

    step #2: Get Set!

    After I tried a class or two, I chose the best fit and am set to start the journey!

    Go! We do the rest.

    Step #3: Start your journey!

    Once we receive your start fees and policy agreement, we do the rest. First, we notify your new teacher with the details of your enrollment and contact information. (We may also give them access to any other notes that may be relevant to ensure a great experience.) For private lessons, the teacher will contact you to confirm the first lesson, and you are off and running!

    In addition, our Enrollment Team will send you a confirming email with all the details including the class time, start date, location and any relevant parking details. We also do our best to follow up in a month or two to see how it is going, but we want you to feel free to reach out any time!

    Read about start fees
    Step #3: Start your journey!

    Step #3: Go! The journey begins!

    We are excited to be on the path to learning music with others!

    the journey continues...

    Some final thoughts...

    Thanks for considering The Music Place! We want you to know that our Educational Placement team is here to help your family navigate the whole journey toward excellence ...or as far as you want to go.

    We understand that from time to time on this amazing journey, changes are necessary to reach the goal. For example, when your child is getting ready to transition into a new phase of learning, they often show signs of discomfort on the journey. This usually means that it's time for a change of some kind. Please don't hesitate to discuss your concerns with your hand-picked instructor-- (who probably already knows change is needed!)

    This is also a great time to take advantage of our unique Educational Placement Team, and make a free appointment to consult with an Educational Specialist for advice. Your instructors have lots of tools to adjust their approach, but if after chatting with them and giving it a few weeks, we may all decide that it is time for a new teacher or approach or even to take a break.

    We are here to help guide you to the next step toward your goal. Remember! Transitions are all part of the journey, and we have been helping families navigate them since 1984. We are happy to help!

    The finish line? A lifetime of enjoying making music. You may be closer than you think!

    Read about our educational Philosphy
    Some final thoughts...

    It's a win!

    As students develop passion and continue through the challenging part of the journey, it is always a win!