Pay these 2 easy fees + tuition and start your journey!

We do the work for you! Once you let us know you want to begin, our Enrollment Team sends you an email with the details including a digital policy agreement and a Purchase Request. The fees that will be due are noted below:

Lifetime Registration Fee

$65.00 Single or $100.00 Family.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ??? We do NOT charge a new registration fee every year. Ours lasts for a lifetime, and if more kids enroll later, the max is $100.00! The Family fee covers every single person who lives in your home. (well maybe not the pets!) Begin the journey to enjoy music for a lifetime!

See Group Class Tuition

Tuition Reserve

WE GET IT! Almost all of us are parents and we know things come up! To keep things simple if you need to withdraw, we collect a 2-week deposit (50% of monthly tuition) at the time of enrollment. Then, we either refund it or apply it to your last two classes when we have received at least two weeks notice of withdrawal. SIMPLE!

See Private and Group Class Tuition

Prorated Tuition


If you start in the middle of the month, we calculate your prorated tuition as part of your start fees. Otherwise, full tuition is due by the 10th of the month or at the time of enrollment--whichever is easier for you! We are excited to help your student take the next step!

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