iStock GroupAmazonEthnicKids 600x400Pricing for both private and group classes is set up in tiers. Pricing tiers keep thing simple and have been developed to reflect the varying sizes of classes and the preparations required to conduct them.

For group classes, differing tiers represent the following factors

  • Parent involvement in class with the youngest learners (i.e., the Family Class)
  • The number of participants (i.e., although all of our classes are small, some are ultra small,)
  • The amount of instrumentation and set up required  (i.e. keyboard group: outlets, adapters, music stands materials)
  • The amount of individualized attention requried by the curriculum (i.e., vocal solos or instrument tuning)

Intro Tier Groups

  • Family Classes

Tier One Groups

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  • Early Music Awareness Level I
  • All Arts Vocal/Drama
  • Vocal Ensemble I

Tier Two Groups

  • Early Music Awareness Level II
  • Instrument Survey Level II
  • Vocal Ensemble Level II

Tier Three Groups

  • Semi-Private lessons, 30 minutes (2-1)
  • String Ensemble, 45-60 minutes (4-1) 
  • Keyboard Ensemble, 45 minutes (4-1)

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For private lessons, differing tiers represent the following factors:

  • Experience,
  • Education and
  • Effectiveness*

See Private Teacher Tier List

* Effectiveness is measured by staff and parent surveys as well as overall professionalism--including but not limited to: student progress and participation in recitals, student longevity, punctuality, regularly of attendance, courtesy, language skills, etc.