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Exciting, fast-paced sessions will keep your child totally engaged and proud of his new-found abilities.

We have a passion for the music education of the young child, and know how to lead them all the way to advanced levels without burning them out! The path must begin with a fun, engaging experience that fits who they are and what they can do easily. Because we know every child is different, at The Music Place we encourage parents and their kids follow one or both of TWO DIFFERENT inspiring PATHS of music education. Music Learning & Exploration and Performance.

1. Music Learning & Exploration Classes!Kids looking in Piano

We offer EXPLORATION CLASSES for 2 age groups:

Kids with trianglesFor ages 1-10:

For your children who are academically strong OR who have a passion to play or explore music & instruments, we offer a comprehensive, sequential plan for their musical development beginning as early as 12 months of age (!), and continuing through pre-school to the most advanced levels.

We’ve designed our beginning toddler and preschool curriculum to capture your child’s natural enthusiasm for discovery by combining the art of play and the structure of music. In Family (ages 1-3) and Early Music Awareness classes (ages 3-7) your child will have so much fun, he probably won’t notice he’s actually learning how to read music and getting ready for more advanced classes!

For ages 7 & up: When he’s developmentally ready* we have private lessons for voice and instruments including piano, keyboard, violin, guitar, harp, drums, flute, recorder, saxophone, clarinet, brasswinds and Instrument Survey and more. To keep it easy and fun, many children may alternate between the high-energy, interactive group classes and private one-on-one lessons until they are ready* for weekly private lessons. Our large staff offers a variety of teaching styles so that your child can be placed with one tailored for him.

*Be sure to learn about our free assessment of your child’s aptitude and readiness!


2. Performance classes

Kids on Stage with arms extended

Let’s face it, some children just love to be center stage! For students 4-18 who love OR WANT TO LOVE performing, we offer another stream of classes that include the development of the more physical elements of learning to sing, dance, act and move. Available in group or private lesson formats, performance classes including Dance, Voice, ALL Arts, Worship Arts and Theater Camps perform regularly, stimulating team work and the fun of being center stage with costumes, props and a showcase of talent!

After viewing the Group Class Schedule, you may choose one class per child and REQUEST A FREE TRIAL GROUP CLASS

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Actual Customer Testimonials:

"We have recommended to many of our friends. We love the place. It has totally helped our daughter to not only know the notes but to truly have fun with them! We love the teacher(s) and wish them all the very best. - " -- Happy parents

"Our daughter, Melissa, loves her music class, and she looks forward to the recitals. She's made friends and become more confident. We'd recommend the Music Place to anyone. -- Melissa's parents, Kathy & Matt, Los Gatos" .

I tell everyone who will listen about the amazing introduction to music that our daughter is getting with the Music Place. People are always amazed when a 3-year old explains that she played an oboe last week and is going to play a piccolo next week! Most importantly, our daughter can't wait for music class & asks to go every day. -- The Pace Family