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Letter from a Grateful Parent

In the Summer of 2011, this parent and her daughter enjoyed ten different faculty & staff.

Just wanted to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am that my daughter  is a student of The Music Place.  You are an admirable person and I thank you for leading this wonderful organization.  Since we met you last year, my daughter has participated in several different classes and summer camps --  EMA classes with Ms. Pam, Pre-ballet and Pre-tap classes with Ms. Sarah, All Arts classes with Ms. Valery, "God's Beautiful Princesses" and "Move and Groove" summer camps with Ms. Amanda, "Peter and the Wolf" Summer camp with Ms. Patricia and finally the "W.A.K.E." camp that you are yourself a part of.   The first teacher we were introduced to was Ms. Pam and I then thought that Ms. Janice and Ms. Pam were the only beautiful people in the whole world.  Then we got to meet sweet and talented Ms. Sarah and her amazing mother, Ms. Cheryl, for the ballet lessons.  Then we had the privilege of meeting Ms. Valery and then the amazing Ms. Amanda and Ms. Patricia and Ms. Damali.  Then, there is Ms. Lisa we often interact with, who is so efficient with the Finances, kind, patient and accomodating to our needs.  Wow!  What amazingly wonderful, talented, beautiful people are part of The Music Place!

My daughter loves coming to learn at the Music Place.  She looks forward to it through the week and talks of her wonderful teachers all the time.  She wouldn't want to miss even a single class.  The kind and gentle encouragement from her teachers motivates her to practice what she has learned, by herself, during the course of the week, until her next class. We are so glad we found this wonderful place for our daughter.  The interaction with her kind, patient and wise teachers has helped her improve her self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Music Place simply and naturally brings out the best in each child in a very beautiful way.  In a world filled with so much negativity, the Music Place is like a beacon guiding children towards positive growth. 

For all its great value, the fees are so affordable!  Many institutions seem to aim at children's happiness and fun during the learning process but is seldom seen is practice.  At the Music Place though, children are so relaxed, peaceful, self-confident, fearless and natural, bubbling with enthusiasm in each and every class, laughing and enjoying with their teachers, yet, they bring out world-class performances at the end of the year! 

I'm truly, truly, truly extremely grateful to God for showing me this wonderful organization and to you Ms. Janice for being its noble leader and bringing learning blended with strong, positive character development to the lives of so many children.  The Music Place is one world-class organization where learning is really fun!  It is indeed a celebration of life where all knowledge is a joyous expression of our love for God!

Thank you,


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Actual Customer Testimonials:

"We have recommended to many of our friends. We love the place. It has totally helped our daughter to not only know the notes but to truly have fun with them! We love the teacher(s) and wish them all the very best. - " -- Happy parents

"Our daughter, Melissa, loves her music class, and she looks forward to the recitals. She's made friends and become more confident. We'd recommend the Music Place to anyone. -- Melissa's parents, Kathy & Matt, Los Gatos" .

I tell everyone who will listen about the amazing introduction to music that our daughter is getting with the Music Place. People are always amazed when a 3-year old explains that she played an oboe last week and is going to play a piccolo next week! Most importantly, our daughter can't wait for music class & asks to go every day. -- The Pace Family