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  6. Letter from a Grateful Parent 2011.9  by Praveena C.

  7. Deception of Disease  2012.4 book about autism reviewed  by Patricia Bigliardi

  8. Interactive Music Sites  2012.5 explore great sites to keep up during the summer

  9. The Best Gift a Father Can Give 2012.7 an article by Patricia Bigliardi reviewing Letters to Lovers

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  20. Collected Resource articles for families with Special Needs
  21. Simple Change in Mindsets Helps a Child Excel

Education and Brain Development

New Research on the affects of Just 30 minutes of music learning
New research at the Great Britain's University of Liverpool confirms brain response to just 30-minutes of music learning stimulates the same part of the brain responsible for language ...
Dr. Mel Levine On Learning Disabilities:
“Dr. Levine claims that he has never met a child who didn't have strengths. It's our job as parents and educators, he says, to figure out what those strengths are and develop them.” Article includes: "Every Child Can Succeed", "Separate but Equal Learning Styles", and "Signs of Problem Areas".
Educating Teachers About Learning:
"Dr. Levine and Charles Schwab developed a private non-profit Institute called All Kinds of Minds…”
The Ways of Learning:
Dr. Levine, author of A Mind at A Time talks about what he learned from Fritz, an awkward child who mostly liked being by himself.
Mel Levine: Teaching All Kinds of Minds:
In an NPR program, Margot Adler discusses pediatrician Mel Levine’s challenge of many assumptions about learning, including the argument that telling a student he is learning disabled or has attention deficit disorder is not very helpful.
Tough Questions About ADD:
Frank Lawlis, a renowned psychologist who regularly appears on "Dr. Phil," visits The Early Show (CBS) to discuss his new book, "The ADD Answer: How to Help Your Child Now." The site shares a large excerpt from his book including his personal experience with attention deficit disorder and practical suggestions for helping children who may suffer from it.
No Work Learning! The Way They Learn, by Cynthia Tobias:
This book, recommended by Music Place Educational Specialists helps parents or teachers become more effective in helping any child grasp confusing concepts, stay interested in lessons and utilize his or her greatest strengths…” Site includes a short review of this book and opportunity to order it. 

General Family Resources  

Focus on the Family:

Loads of wholesome resources for parents, kids, men, women, and teens--with and without faith. 
Focus on Your Child:
This site includes well-developed sections on Education, Health, Development, Relationships. Faith, Entertainment, The Big Picture & free subscription to parenting help monthly resources.
Kids Growth (homepage):
Site includes links to Parenting resources, Child Development, Childhood Conditions, Parenting Tips, Growth Milestones, Growth Charts, Poison Control, an Advice Center and more.
"Weight Can Damage Self Esteem":
"One would never guess by observing the typical American youngster’s eating habits that our society is obsessed with being thin…” an article from
First 5 California:
Website of the California Children & Families Commission

On-Line Music Material Vendors

Piano Tuning, Moving and Instrument Repair

Glanzer's Piano Service ( formerly BRIAN'S PIANO SERVICE) (408) 286-0770 Isaac & Ruth tune, repair and give technical advice (for a small fee) to potential piano buyers.  Brian's service has been tuning our pianos for over 15 years.

ADAGIO PIANO MOVING  (408) 408-781-1559. Based in Saratoga, this company reliably and carefully moves pianos at a reasonable rate.

Resource Quote for the Month

"From the moment a child gets out of bed in the morning until she is safely tucked in at night, there's one central mission: the avoidance of humiliation at all costs. We have to be so careful not to subject them to public humiliation." 

    — Dr. Mel Levine

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Actual Customer Testimonials:

"We have recommended to many of our friends. We love the place. It has totally helped our daughter to not only know the notes but to truly have fun with them! We love the teacher(s) and wish them all the very best. - " -- Happy parents

"Our daughter, Melissa, loves her music class, and she looks forward to the recitals. She's made friends and become more confident. We'd recommend the Music Place to anyone. -- Melissa's parents, Kathy & Matt, Los Gatos" .

I tell everyone who will listen about the amazing introduction to music that our daughter is getting with the Music Place. People are always amazed when a 3-year old explains that she played an oboe last week and is going to play a piccolo next week! Most importantly, our daughter can't wait for music class & asks to go every day. -- The Pace Family