Cymber has been teaching at the Music Place since 2014. She is a performing harpist and multi-instrumentalist, who teaches harp, piano, ukulele, dulcimer, flute, recorder, composition and performance preparation. Nearly all of Cymber's students write and perform their own music, as a natural outcome of the lessons and exploration of the music.

Teaching Style

girl playing harp

Her teaching style is focused on the learning style of the student. If a student is more visually oriented, then the teaching works with visual materials. If the student is more of an auditory learner, then the teaching focuses on ear-training. If the student is a kinesthetic learner, then movement is incorporated into the lesson. Cymber also focuses on teaching music that the student likes, while adding important technique and theory along the way.


  • Harp
  • Ukulele
  • Piano
  • Voice


  • Online