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Read about how to get started in Music Therapy at this link

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The American Music Therapy Association defines Music Therapy as follows: "Music Therapy is the clinical and evidencSpecial boye-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program."

Although a client may learn to sing, read or play music within a music therapy session, the goals of the session are clinical and based on the individual needs of the clients. Based on information gathered by our Music Therapist following an individual Music Therapy assessment session, as well as from the client's medical diagnoses and or personalized goal plans, such as an IEP, the Music Therapist creates individualized goals that may address a wide variety of clinical needs.


As of 2017, Music Therapy (offered through our therapy partner, Arts Educators Group) is offered weekday afternoons & evenings with additional openings 9-4PM on Saturdays. Therapy is offered on four Music Place Campuses:


Because The Music Place is committed to value the uniqueness of each child, we have always taught to the needs of the child rather than to the style or ease of the instructor. It is this philosophy that drives us to develop new curricula and to look for new ways to enhance our effectiveness in helping every child feel special regardless of perceived limitations.

We have taught and loved students with hearing and visual impairments, speech and communication delays as well as children struggling with issues affecting their physical, social and emotional development such as depression, hyperactivity, and multiple physical disabilities.  Why? Because music unites kids’ hearts, is a universal healer, AND because it is our great delight to help these precious students unwrap the gift of music inside of them.


At The Music Place, we care about the WHOLE child. In both private and small group settings, Music Therapy uses clinically-based, creative musical interactions to support your child's development towards IEP goals and objectives in the following areas:


Read about how to get started in Music Therapy at this link.

At The Music Place, the best way to get started is to make a phone appointment to speak with an educational specialist.  If your child is high functioning, verbal and interactive with strangers, you may set up a free assessment instead. We will help you choose a Music Therapist or Special Needs Coach that is just right for you and your child.  As you submit this request, please note on the form that you have a child with special needs, and whatever relevant information would like to share.  This helps us choose the best Educational Specialist and allows their time with you to be especially effective.


Not Much MoneyFees for Music Therapy are reasonable. Initial sessions are a usually a minimum of 35 minutes weekly in order. This includes 5-10 minutes of therapist-parent interactions with 5-10 minutes transition time for privacy and set up for the next client. Similar to other music classes,  tuition is relevant to the education and experience of the instructor/therapist. View private lesson or therapy rates.

Most high-functioning children with special needs fit perfectly into our fast-paced Early Music Awareness programs at regular group tuition rates, but in some cases and where possible, we also offer weekly 35-45-minute "Music Adventures" groups at a reduced fee when coupled with private Music Therapy.


The option for those looking for insurance reimbursement.

Many private insurance companies now cover Music Therapy sessions. Our therapists prepare bi-annual Assessment and Treatment Goals Forms plus monthly invoices that families may submit for insurance reimbursement consideration.

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Actual Customer Testimonials:

"We have recommended to many of our friends. We love the place. It has totally helped our daughter to not only know the notes but to truly have fun with them! We love the teacher(s) and wish them all the very best. - " -- Happy parents

"Our daughter, Melissa, loves her music class, and she looks forward to the recitals. She's made friends and become more confident. We'd recommend the Music Place to anyone. -- Melissa's parents, Kathy & Matt, Los Gatos" .

I tell everyone who will listen about the amazing introduction to music that our daughter is getting with the Music Place. People are always amazed when a 3-year old explains that she played an oboe last week and is going to play a piccolo next week! Most importantly, our daughter can't wait for music class & asks to go every day. -- The Pace Family