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Summer Music & Dance Camps 2017



 Choose 1 of 2 Specials:

 #1:Pay full price for camp with a magenta ID cell & receive a second selected (noted in magenta) camp of equal or lesser value 50% OFF! Includes size limited camps! Use code 50OFF expires 7/31/17

 SPECIAL #2: Take $10.00 off a mini (5 hr) camp; $25.00 off half-day 12.5 hour camp or $50.00 off full day 25-hr camp, even if they are size limited- CODE: JULYOFF expires 6/30/17

#3 BIGGEST SPECIAL Pay full price for one Blue ID cell camp and take 75% off a second one of equal or lesser value

PLEASE NOTE: Coupons may not be combined, and camps must be paid in full 7 days before the camps begins in order to be eligible for discounts.

   REGISTER AT THIS LINK Note coupon code when registering.   LOCATIONS

   KOCH = 1121 Koch Ln 95125 (@ Almaden) 95125: Music & Dance Studio 

FREE when paying for consecutive camps (Not valid with BOGO offers)

BW = 352 South Baywood Avenue 95128: Annex (off Steven's Creek near Santana Row)

Campers bring a bag lunch (no microwave or refrigerator)

MO = 1617 Willowhurst Ave 95125: Main Office (at Hamilton & Meridian Avenues)
CRC = Christian Reformed Church Educational center 5150 Camden Ave

FEE: $60.00/wk (for BOGO & non-full day campers)
Healthy snacks provided for all camps more than 2 hours

$10.00 off 2nd camp, $20.00 off 3rd camp. (May not be combined with other discounts)
1 Adult for every 10 kids + teen leaders
Indicates size-limited camps: not eligible for BOGO discounts
See Camp Refund Policy

Music 6/12-16 M1
Strum & Pluck! Beginning Guitars & Ukuleles(*)

Beginners learn to play songs by week's end on Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Bass and maybe even try a harp

6-10 9-11:30AM MO $229.00
Music 6/12-16 M2
Pizzicato! Beginning Bows & Strings (*)

Beginners learn to play songs by week's end on Violin, Viola or Cello

6-10 12-2:30PM MO $229.00
Music 6/12-16 M3
Explore Music & Instruments

Crafts added to this fun summer version of EMA with song, instruments, movement, notes, rhythm & more!

4-6 9-11:30AM BW $229.00
Dance & Drama
6/12-16 D4
Story Dance & Act Dance and act out favorite stories 4-7 12:30-3PM BW $229.00
Music 6/19-23 M5
Instrument Sampler (*)

Experts help students explore size appropriate instruments to choose what suits them best 8 students max.

8-12 9-11:30AM MO $229.00
Music 6/19-23 M6
Instrument Sampler! (*)

Younger students hear & handle 9+ instruments to help choose one to play.

6-8 12:15-2:45PM MO $229.00
Dance 6/19-23 D6
Be a Ballerina (*)

Dance like a ballerina

3.5-6 9:30-12PM KOCH $229.00
Music 6/26-30 M7

Drums, Beats, sticks & Stomp 1

Drums! Drums! Drums! Play & build all kinds of percussion instruments while learning notes and rhythms.

4-7 9-11:30AM BW $229.00
Music 6/26-30 M8
Explore Music & Instruments Crafts added to this fun summer version of EMA 4-7 12:30-3PM BW $229.00
Dance & Drama
6/26-30 M9 All Day Musical Theater Sing, dance & act songs & scenes from Aladdin and other great musicals 7-12 9:30-2:30PM KOCH $429.00
Garage Band Sampler
Beginners on keyboard, drums, guitars or Electric bass learn new instruments & technology to create music together 7-11 9:45-2:00PM
Wednesday, Thursday &
BW $229.00
7/5-7 D11
Explore Dance!(*)
Parent allowed to participate with youngest dancers
2.5-4 10:00-11:00 Wednesday, Thursday &
KOCH $59.00
Music 7/10-14 M14
Keyboard Crash Course (*) Beginners explore keyboards geography, notes, technique & play their first songs for a last day show (8 students max.) 6-9 9-11:30AM KOCH $229.00
Beginning Violin &
Beginners learn to play songs on violin by week's end
6-9 12:15-2:45PM KOCH $229.00
  & Drama
7/10-14 M16
Peter & the Wolf

Younger students act out this famous story while learning the instruments

4-7 9:00-11:30AM BW $229.00
Dance & Drama
7/10-14 M17
Mini Musical Theater Jr.

Former stage performer helps younger students prepare songs from Frozen, Lion King, Sound of Music and other great musicals

4-7 12:30-3PM BW $229.00
Music 7/17-21 M19
Drums & Beats: Stick & Stomp 2

See above: Play & build all kinds of percussion instruments

4-7   9:00-11:30AM BW $229.00
Dance 7/17-21 D20
Dance to the Beat!

Fun, percussive movement to energetic songs

4-7 12:30-3PM BW $229.00
Dance 7/24-28 D21
Summer Ballet Rose (*)

Creative movement prepares for ballet

3-5 9:00-11:30AM KOCH $229.00
Dance 7/24-28  D22
Summer Ballet Lilac (*)

Older creative movement prepares for ballet (Mature 5-year olds may take both)

5-8 12:30-3PM KOCH $229.00
Music 7/31-8/4 M24
Mini Drums & Beats (*)

Tiny campers use drums & other percussion to move, learn notes & have fun with rhythm

2.5-4 9-10AM MO $99.00
Music 7/31-8/4 M25
I love to Sing Movie songs

Sing songs from favorite movies like Frozen, Aladdin & Trolls

4-8 9-11:30AM BW $229.00
Music 7/31-8/4 M26
I love to Sing MORE songs More fun or inspiring songs for those who want to sing all day!
4-8 12:15-2:45PM BW $229.00
Music 8/7-11 M27
Mini songs & Instruments(*)

Tiny campers learn fun songs and try real instruments

2.5-4 9-10AM MO $99.00
Music 8/7-11 M28 Beginning School Band (Most wind & percussion instruments provided.)
Fun band teacher helps beginners get a hears start on band instruments or just try something new 8-12 9:30-2:30 BW $429.00
Dance & Music
8/7-11 D29
Salsa, Swing & Sing (*)

Mini ballroom favorites with a Latin twist

8-12 9:30-12PM KOCH $229.00

(*)Size limited to 8 campers

"BW" = 352 So. Baywood Ave. SJ
(newly updated facility near Santana Row)
"MO" = 1617 Willowhurst Ave. SJ (newly updated Main Office at Hamilton & Meridian)
"KOCH" = 1121 Koch Ln. SJ (Music & Dance studio in Dollar Tree shopping Center @ Koch & Almaden)
"CRC" = 5150 Camden Ave. (near Highway 85) Christian Reformed Church Educational Center

Reach us @ (408) 445-2787 or

For  DANCE classes, (Christian emphasis included) visit our sister site @

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Actual Customer Testimonials:

"We have recommended to many of our friends. We love the place. It has totally helped our daughter to not only know the notes but to truly have fun with them! We love the teacher(s) and wish them all the very best. - " -- Happy parents

"Our daughter, Melissa, loves her music class, and she looks forward to the recitals. She's made friends and become more confident. We'd recommend the Music Place to anyone. -- Melissa's parents, Kathy & Matt, Los Gatos" .

I tell everyone who will listen about the amazing introduction to music that our daughter is getting with the Music Place. People are always amazed when a 3-year old explains that she played an oboe last week and is going to play a piccolo next week! Most importantly, our daughter can't wait for music class & asks to go every day. -- The Pace Family